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xLights 4.0.3 released


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Hi xLights Users;


ALPHA: A reminder. We had Alpha release of xLights 4.0 in Feb/Mar. Alpha code has bugs and can be very difficult to get a sequence done.

BETA: Beta release was Mar 20,2015. This is the general release of xLights Beta. Beta code will still have bugs but it should be possible for most people to sequence songs with it

PRODUCTION: Production Release. Probably sometime in May/June. All bugs have been fixed, code is fully functional in every aspect.


We have people who have started sequencing their 2015 show. If something doesn't work as expected, they work around it.

If you want the rock solid release, Wait

I will start making many little videos that will be tied to the wiki page. the videos will only be a few minutes long (How to setup controllers, how to create a model, how to use an effect, .etc.)

These should go a long way to help you use the current code.


find the current list of issues for xLights 4 here: https://github.com/smeighan/xLights/issues



4.0.3 Mar 24,2015

-- bug (gil) Fix animation playback in effect grid. Also noticed this fixed something I hadn't noticed where the pause/play wasn't restarting the render in the proper spot. Fixes #78.

-- bug (dkulp) Fill out the pinwheel to the edges of a model. Use the max of the buffer width or height as basis for pinwheel arm length

-- enh (dkulp) Experiment with different OpenGL setup for Windows. This seems to improve Windows 8 display

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