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Adding 2 new wireframe singing faces from Wireframe dlites this year. Seeing as I have no experience with them just looking for some insights into best way to light them and space between bulb. I'm thinking dumb RGB nodes will be easiest but those with experience will know better. Also, to get a good lighting effect how far apart between lights.

Thanks in advance.

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I feel that rope light on faces provides for a betyter look/feels that nodes/strings.

Don't know that rgb is worth it on faces. So many other places in a display to get the flashy changing color effects.

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I use this on my faces.

Led ropelight cutable every 20". I can find no one else that offers 20" cutable led ropelight.


Personally have used yellow, orange, green and pure white.

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I used 3/8 pearl white rope from 1000bulbs.

They have a wide variety of color in both incandescen and led.

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