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Last year we incorporated live interaction with our trick-or-treaters using digital puppetry in combination with our LOR display.   We created a Mideval Castle wall with a Magic Mirror who talks to the kids.         Had a great time!

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I want to trick or treat your house!

Awesome job.

So much fun for everyone.

Great job - lots of smiles.

Love it and I don't even decorate for halloween.

I might just have to start though.

Never mind. I won't be home.

I'm going to your house!

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Using repurposed materials, this cost less than $50 to build, and drops right into the garage door frame in seconds secured with bungy cords. There are plenty of Goodwill parts used including a plastic serving platter for a frame and the skull was a hollowed out $2 decoration from target. There is a pinhole camera just above the skull to provide the operator with a full field of view.The amplified voice is an Xbox headset plugged into a guitar amplifier tuned to modify the voice.  An old laptop and a monitor provide the moving face in sync with the voice. The monitor drops in and a set screw holds it in place.  


We have no affiliation with the software manufacturer, but we sure like them a lot.  There are 4 or 5 faces to choose from with plenty of customizations.  It costs nothing to try.  While the original version is completely free, the others cost $15 to remove the watermark. http://www.imagineerieing.com/


We'll try to get pictures and instructions up on our website when time permits.


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