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2015 - Christmas Expo Preliminary Class Schedule


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The Planning and Education Committee is working hard to fill out a world class, relative curriculum for it's attendees.

Below is a link to the early list of classes. This is by far not complete! More is being discussed and added as we find world class instructors. We wanted to publish this now since the early registration fee is valid through the end of this month.  Detailed descriptions and schedule will be posted at a later date.


Activities not mentioned, but still in process of finalizing:


The hugely successful Round Table Session

TBD - Key Note Speaker (we are thinking outside the box for this year)

The hosted Vendor Night Session

The Mega Vendor Hall with well known and some new names…….

And more…..


Check out the list and make your plans to meet us in Ft. Worth


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If your going to this event, everyone wants to know "where's the place to hang out after the day has ended"? This is always one of the best parts about getting together. Networking in a nice relaxing environment.

There is a block of rooms reserved at the Hawthorne Suites just for this. The Hawthorne Suites have rooms starting at $99 a night, including breakfast. They have said hanging out in the lobby or by the pool is fine to talk about Christmas as long as you want.  It is close (walking) to restaurants, and about 1.5 miles from the Will Rogers Memorial Center. Here is the info:


Hawthorne Suites

1701 S University Dr

Fort Worth, TX 76107

Phone: (817) 870-1011


Book your rooms using the "CHRISTMAS IN JULY" booking code to get the negotiated rates. Make sure you talk to the hotel agent when using that code.


A short block away is Extended Stay.  It is slightly less a night, and very walkable if you wanted to hang out with the Hawthorne gang.


Extended Stay America - Ft. Worth Medical Center

1601 River Run

Ft Worth TX 76107

Phone: (817) 338-4808


There are other options in the immediate area to suit individual tastes.

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I take it you will be attending this class??  :rolleyes:


  • Ladder Safety (Pete Peters)
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Jim, we thought we would have some fun with that class............ :P


I bet you'll have some fun with ALL the classes...wish I could go...

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My got my room reserved with no problems Mark just an FYI still doesn't work on the website I just called the number on website and was able to get it reserved with no issues. The guy new exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the heads up!!

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Hey Zman,


I missed the Expo last year but was at the one in 2013 and had a question about the posted schedule. It says 9am Opening Session for Registered Attendees. It looks like until the seminar classes start at 10:45. Is this like the opening ceremony of the Olympics with the torch? Only here will Dan Baldwin come into the vendor hall carrying the Great Christmas Light Fight trophy and hand off to Chuck Smith who will then hand off to Developer Mike then he hands off to Brian Bruderer who then holds the bulb near a caldron and several CCR's chase up to the ceiling and POOF the entire ceiling is RGB scenes of Expos past? :D


Ok, I'm kidding but really what is the Opening Session?




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:lol: Too funny.


In 2014 we had general opening session, logistics, announcements, introductions, then had Jay Cone as a Key Note speaker to kick things off. Jay works for a BIG theme park in Orlando, an was involved in Osbourne Lights.


We will do something similar although the Key Note guest is still being worked out.

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Expo has evolved far beyond what was there in 2013. 2014 was night & day different than any other Expo/PLUS. The only frustration you should have in 2015 is deciding what class you will want to attend against the others in the same slot. We heard that a lot last year...

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