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I use only regular lights and controllers - no CCR's

My two main reasons  I would  upgrade to the Superstar program are:


1) Visualization is great and a much improvement over animation

2) The instant sequencer can be imported to my regular sequences.


My question is:  When creating an "instant sequence" - is the quality of the sequence as good as if I purchased the sequences from either LOR or WOW lights?? 


Thanks to anybody out there who has done both and can respond. 

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Instant Sequence will not create sequences equal to one created manually by a human. However, many of my sequences have 20 or 30 seconds of effects created by instant sequence. Effects created by Instant Sequence can be real cool, but if you use them for all your sequences it can get monotonous.


You can see for yourself what instant sequence will look like on your display without purchasing a superstar license. The free demo version of superstar is functional in every way except that you can't export the sequence to be played to your actual lights.


This means you can create a visualization of your lights, import them into superstar and use instant sequence on your display and see what it looks like. Also, there are several video tutorials about using Instant Sequence. Go to the lightorama main page, click on "support" then click on "video tutorials". The superstar tutorials are at the bottom. The one you will be most interested in is titled: "Instant Sequence on a Visualization"

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IMHO - A computer interpretation could never be as good as a sequence touched by human hands. With that said, Superstar helped me to get some last minute requests into my show. You still have to edit a little bit, but handles the tune really well. See the below post for more of my thoughts and a video example. There were ZERO RGB's in my last years show BTW.

Good luck,



Wow Brian.

Beat me by 3 minutes.

Just like SS, fast....

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If you set up your visualizer in an organized way the auto-sequencer does a bit of a better job.


Here's an example from a few years ago.

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You guys are great.  Thanks.  Believe it or not, I do watch the tutorials - till my head swims. 


Here is an interesting one though - I downloaded my final sequences from 2 years ago onto 2 new computers. 

Found an important difference.  The list of channels in sequences  on one computer retained the colours I am using per channel, yet

on the second computer -no colours????  Any ideas why or what  I should do?


Second question - when using SE - under Open for an existing sequence - how do you delete a sequence?  With all the trial runs experimenting with the SE - I want to delete these.

Thanks gain.

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You just navigate to your Lor sequence folder in windows & delete them there. This is permanent, you will no longer have them. If you just don't want them to show up when you go to open in SE just move them out of the folder and into say a backup folder. Then you'll still have them for some future need.

LOR sequence folder is typically located in "c drive /my documents / lor / sequences"

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Superstar is great for people like me who have no musical talent at all. I have spent hours trying to create a sequence, and SS still makes it look better. I have no talent. I will be suing S to sequence my LED lights and wil purchase Mega Tree sequences. I will do my best to sequence my arches on a few of the songs. I have a fairly good looking arch sequence for Music Box Dancer.

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