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Switching between NutCracker and LOR


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I use NutCacker and the sequence editor (Sometimes Superstar) and I normally just export the NutCracker sequence as an LMS then use the paint sequence tool. It overwrites any sequencing I have already done on the pixels, so I have to do that afterwards. Is there a quicker and easier way? How do you do it?

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This is my 8th or 9th year and I just started using the clip board. What a time saver!!!!!

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Yup the clipboard is an easier route. I just learned it myself


I use Superstar, then export to Sequence Editor. As I sequence in SS I leave an area empty that I know I want to fill with a Nutcracker/Glediator effect. I then goto Nutcracker and make a  a "New animation sequence of 10 seconds (for this example) get it to look the way I want it to, then export it using the Model Export button (LOR clipboard). Then back to Sequence Editor and load the clipboard to whatever I just saved.


I then find the place in the song I have left empty for the effect, draw a box around the entire time and channels I want to fill, then select under the Paste Option the "Stretch to Fit" option then paste from the clipboard. This way it leaves everything I have done in SS and Sequence Editor intact and I am only filling in holes in the overall sequence. Works good for me. Also if you change the Fade In / Fade Out options in Nutcracker to .5 the effect comes up gradually rather than just full on. (depending on what effect you have created)


I read somewhere that it is wise to empty the clipboard before you save to help with load/save times.

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