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Copy and paste from superstar to editor


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I am not sure if this is the right place to post this topic but thought I would start here. I sequenced a complete song in superstar having 64 regular channels and 1 ccp for 2 arches with 50 pixels each. I then exported this to the sequence editor. My ccp arches do not play in sync with the rest of the elements and only about half of the effects from the ccp arches will even play. The channel configuration is correct also....I then decided to copy the ccp arches by themselves and paste them into its own lms file and after doing so they play perfectly.....I then added the 64 regular channels and copied all of those effects from the sup file into the lms file and once again my ccp arches are out of whack and only about half of the effects for them will play....Am I missing a setting that maybe I don't know about? I have been copying and pasting by time.


I don't know if I have made this very clear or not but any help would be greatly appreciated....Also when I play the sequence in superstar it plays just fine and looks just fine.....But after exporting it to the sequence editor the ccp arches do not play correctly with the rest of the regular channels.



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