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Great at Sequencing?

CLD Kevin

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I have more sequencing request than I can personally handle myself so looking for individuals who would like to make extra $$ with custom sequencing to be used in both commercial and non-commercial displays. Both RGB and non-RGB sequencing…..Halloween and Christmas…or any other holiday although it has strictly been these two holidays. Elements and channel configuration may defer from each display. The sequencing may be whole or just part of the displays.


To be honest, I’m only looking for those who are advance and very good at sequencing. Able to understand LOR S3 software and channel configuration. The ability to program in sync and flow and fade to any song/channel layout. Using a lot of fading instead of just on/off . So basically hand over a channel layout, go over elements so we are on the same page and you take it from there. I’m not saying you have to be the best….just be able to create a good looking sequence that I think the client will like.  If you already have some effects or sequences that you can copy over or modify to fit and looks good….great. Less work for you.


You MUST be reliable. Do not make promises you cannot keep. Communication is important. If there is a problem or you cannot fulfill the agreement…let me know asap. This gives me time to make other arrangements.


I will need to see your work in either videos or the sequences themselves before any agreement is made.


Send me PM and we can discuss rates, payment, ect.  Also, if you’re experienced with other software like Nutcracker, Madrix, Pappgoyo, ect….let me know.  You can also email me at kevin@creativelightingdisplays.com




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