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Selecting a long duration of time


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I cannot figure this out. Say I want to do a 20 second fade in superstar. How do I select more time then what I see on the screen? I have tried clicking and dragging to the edge but once I get to the edge of the time scale I cannot figure out how to continue to select more time. Any help would be appreciated. I hope I am making this clear.



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Left click where you want it to start, right click where it ends, then add the fade

You also can add the effect on the visible screen, fade it to 50%, move to the next screen and start at 50% and fade to 0%

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Besides Ron's advice, you can also add the effect for as far as the visable screen will go, then making sure it has focus (click on it) you can then extend the effect with the "Nugde Length Right" command (thats the right most hour glass icon.

Or, you can highlight the event and manually enter the end time ... say to goes from 1 to 9 secs on the time line you can modify the end point to 20 and click modify ....


Assuming, I understand the question .. LOL ..



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Thanks guys. The left click then right click method was super easy and to think that I just couldn't figure that out on my own lol.


Thanks again.

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Nudge tools are nice. You can select multiple lines too.

Ctrl + nudge does larger moves at a time.

Ctrl is used for many things. For example, Ctrl + >> (the move forward one section button in the top menus) goes to the end of the song or sequence, ctrl + << goes to the beginning. The latter is useful to quickly go to the beginning to see the whole song after your work.

The ctrl and shift keys also work just like many windows programs allowing you to select individual items (ctrl) or a stack (shift). Useful for nudging, copying or cutting to put in a new area. You can even press and hold the ctrl and drag a box over numerous lines to select more. Using this technique, you can select everything on the screen, press the >> button in the top menu, press ctrl and drag the next screen and copy. Then you can paste those 2 "pages" further down.

When you select a group and paste, you can then nudge them to perfect timing by moving them to the correct spot or increasing/decreasing their duration or any combination.

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