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As was mentioned in a thread last week, we will be releasing a beta of the S4 software this month.

There have been a number of questions asked and I will try and answer some of them here and now.


When will the S4 beta be released?

The software will be released before the end of March 2015.


What is this going to cost me?

An evaluation copy of the Beta is free if your license supports S3 version 3.12.2.  


The production code cost depends on your current license. The simple answer is $0.00 to $50.00. The not so simple answer: When S4 production code is released, if your S3 license was issued, upgraded or renewed in the last year then S4 will be free at your existing S3 license level. For example, when S4 is released, if you have a current “S3 Basic Plus” license that was issued, upgraded or renewed in the last year, then there is no cost for “S4 Basic Plus”.


When S4 production code is released, if your S3 license was issued, upgraded or renewed more than a year earlier, then you have two options: you can renew your license for $29.95 or you can upgrade your license from its current level to a higher level which gives you a free renewal. The new Pro license level will be a $50 upgrade for S3 Advanced users.


Will my existing license work for the Beta software?

If your license is valid for the current version of S3 ( 3.12.2 ) then it will be valid for the S4 beta. This is for a limited evaluation period until July 1, 2015. Starting on July 1, the regular license rules will go into effect.


If you currently have a S3 Advanced license that is valid for version 3.12.2 then the Beta software will operate as S4 Pro. This allows S3 Advanced users to use all features of S4 Pro.  


What is the new Pro license level?

One of the major changes to the S4 software is enhanced support for high channel counts (10s of thousands) that are found in displays with many RGB pixels. The Pro license level gives you access to the new and powerful Pixel Editor. It also supports a new and efficient method for storing, transmitting and managing pixel data. 


Beyond the Pro license what else is new in S4?

We will be providing more detail, but there have been a number of enhancements and efficiency improvements in S4. For example the visualizer is at least 5 times more resource efficient and depending on the PC and video card used, it can handle up to 10 times the number of channels.


Do I need a PRO license to handle RGB?

No, the Pro license is not necessary to support RGB or pixels. All of the support for RGB that was found is S3 is available in S4 Advanced. The S3 Advanced software was used to create many outstanding RGB displays and S4 Advanced has all those capacities and in many cases does it better than S3.


Will my S3 sequences work with S4?

Yes, S4 will accept any version of LOR sequence files going back to version 1.5.


Will I need to re-learn the software?

If you are comfortable with the S3 software you will be fine with the same features in S4. Most of the enhancements have little or no impact on the user interface for existing features. 

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