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Tilt, pan, swivel etc


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I ask you the same question. Is the laser controlled via DMX? Are familiar with DMX?

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Yes its controlled with DMX, I'm looking on how to control the pan swivel tilt within LOR



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I was told that you would use intensity values in LOR to pan, tilt etc. Does anyone have more specific info on how this is done?

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Doing DMX values within LOR can be the programmed same as you have always done.


You have 2 options. You can specify a LOR intensity value for the channel you have assigned to the function. This can include ramps and fades to control the tilt/swivel motions. The ramp and fade will get extrapolated out into DMX step values to move the laser.


Or you can assign a DMX vale to those same channels.


However,  you have to output the DMX via a DMX dongle. If you have an iDMX, this is LORs DMX dongle. You can use something like an Enttec Open or Pro. Or, lastly, you could add one more RS485 and assign that as your DMX output. This would then have to be se up within LOR.


Assuming you have LOR Advanced, inside the SE, go to:


Edit>Preferences>Edit Network Preferences


and set up the DMX output there. IF you have an iDMX, the above set up is not necessary.


Lastly you would then allow DMX values. Edit>Preferences >DMX Preferences > Allow DMX Values. This later lets you assign a DMX value from 0-255.

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I believe this is Ken's video . You could pm him for more clarification if needed.

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