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Adding elements to visualizer for superstar


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I'm sure this will be a question for Brian but if anyone else knows please answer. I have sequenced about half of a song and decided to add 2 more pixel arches to expand this years up coming display. When I added the arches it totally messed up what I have already sequenced. I decided for now to delete the 2 new arches for that reason. If I do decide to try and add these later how can I accomplish this without superstar changing what I have already sequenced?

Also I have ran into issues with fading up and down. I get the error and I click okay anyway. It will show on the grid that it took but when I play that portion it will not control the element that I just faded. This has happened several times. For instance I will start a fade with white and end with black and it will not take even after it gives me the error. Now if I save and exit superstar and restart it and then do the fade the exact same way it will then take it. I sequenced approximately 2 minutes of song this morning and each time I tried to fade a new element it would not take unless I saved and then exited superstar and then restarted the program. Each time I did this it would take the fade with no problem. Its not a huge issue but it takes more time. Once I have the elements faded the way I want for that portion of the sequence then I just copy and paste until I want to change it again.

Maybe I am just missing something here but this isnt the first time I have faded in superstar and its not the first song I have sequenced in it. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Also just to be clear after it gave me the error it would not take no matter how many times I tried it and clicked okay unless I restarted the program.

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For adding elements,

This is a disadvantage of superstar. From year to year when I add new elements it makes the old superstar file useless.

It would be nice to be able to import from sequence editor to superstar.

A work around I have used is to add the elements to the bottom. The new elements would create new grid lines hopefully on the bottom and your original work remains.

A method I commonly use is to manually correct. This is painful but I am able to correct a complete grid row at a time....as long as I keep each element on a grid line when I originally create the superstar sequence.

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You are correct, if the sequencing grid changes, then the sequence won't play the same way to your lights anymore. As "sax" mentioned, it requires that you manually move some of the effects around.


There is an obvious need for a utility that would aid in modifying the sequence when the sequencing grid changes. I'll have to think about how to do that.


As for the fading problem, I am not able to duplicate the problem. What version are you running? If you want I can connect to your computer and see what is happening. When would be a good day and time to do that?

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I spent another 3 hours sequencing after I posted this and only had 1 incident of not being able to fade correctly. I am running version 3.12.0....

I am not sure when it does that why it does it but it may be hard to catch if its that hit and miss as it was just a little while ago. I will keep you posted if I have anymore issues with it.

Thanks for your response.

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hey ebrown


I added a few arches to existing sequences as well. I used the Keywords "row= column=" to add the new arches to a new line at the end of the grid and that will leave your existing sequenced work alone (except possibly for some visEffects).

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Thanks Saxon. I appreciate that info. I will give that a shot if I do indeed add 2 more arches.

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