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Color in Superstar Sequencer

Rod Pauley

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I am new to this and do understand the red, green, blue color controls but what is the white control at the bottom for? I have watched many videos and have not seen it used. Can you help a newbee...... Thanks Rod

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Post this question in the SuperStar area of the forums for the exact response. Truly I don't know the answer at this moment, but its a good question for sure!

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If you are using an imported visualization superstar will display red, green, blue, and white controls. This is because a visualization can have strings of regular lights, and those lights could be white strings. For example, it is common to have a mega tree that is made up of red strings, green strings, blue strings, and white strings. The white color color control allows you to sequence the white strings.


If your visualization only has RGB pixels, then the white color control will have no effect on the RGB pixels.

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when you have the basic screen,   tools>scene setup, your will see 4 sets of vertical bars


red, green, blue, white;  these are used in various ways to set up your colors for your display; I think the white bar is the same as the other bars, allow you to set the "white balance" of the colors


at the top of each vertical row of bars is a single square; this is the color or color mix that will be applied when you click ADD or MODIFY


you can left click on the top square to cycle thru the colors, or right click and a color menu will pop up


Set up a sequence and start playing the the colors, scenes, morphs etc;


Brian and LOR have some excellent videos on the LOR website; I would go thru those at the same time you have Superstar on your screen so you can see what the video is talking about and play with it right away


As with most of the software for this hobby, just keep playing with the various functions and you'll get it

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