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Looking for a Santa with moving hand and/or mouths

Big Sanch Mafia

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This yr i am adding a 5 ch Santa wire frame. he has a waving hand and mouth moves.


Anyone have a prop that is close to this or have any ideas on how to create one?


Thanks Chad

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Big Sanch Mafia, Could you give me some pointers on how to use this with different channels. I have been playing around with this for 3 days now on and off.


Thanks, Bill

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LOR object creator will automatcally assign a new channel to each color in the object.

The way I use this program is to first get an image of your element.

Then I use Microsoft paint to draw an outline around each channel...for example the outline of the element may be channel one. Trace the entire outline with red.

Channel 2 maybe the eyes. Trace this as blue. Keep doing this for all your channels using seperate colors.

Save this file.

Start LOR object creator.

Import your image

Select each channel by color. Be sure to select by color tool inside LOR object creator.

The object should create and export your element with channels as a prop file.

Hope this helps.

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