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Adding multi RGB channels


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I'm adding a smart strip and 27 channel dumb controller, which comes to 177 RGB channels.  Is there a quicker way to assign the channel numbers than going through each RGB channel one at a time?

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Right click where you want to add the channels select insert device then insert device below.



Select device and choose dmx universe.


Change channels to 512.


Click ok.


Right click first new added channel.


Choose convert to rgb channel.


Check the box also do this for the following channel.


Put 170 in box.


you now have 170 RGB channels.


Delete the last 2 unused channels.

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Thank you. Got that to work. Now what if I want to start the first DMX channel.at 200 rather than DMX1.1? I set the address in my controller to start at 200, but going the way you suggested does not allow me to assign the starting channel at 200.

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Figured out my problem.  The device seems to malfunction when starting with DMX address 1.1.  Not sure why. My other controller has no issue with this.  Thanks for the tip on assigning the channel numbers. Worked like a champ.

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