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Where is the best place to purchase white 3/8 rope light that can be cut in minimum lengths of 18" All the rope light I have or see is a 1 meter cut (39") I'm making my own monster faces for Halloween so I need a minimum of 18" lengths (12" if available)



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Because of the number of bulbs or LEDs in the circuit, most 120V rope light has a cut length of about a meter.  However, if you can do it with 12V rope light, the cut lengths are less than 4 inches..  Then obviously use a DC controller.


Since you are close enough for a local pickup, I have something like 50 feet of 12V warm white 1/2" LED rope light on the end of a reel I could let go for cheap.  Let me know if you are interested.

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Take a look at 1000bulbs.com.  They carry both 12v and 120v 3/8" rolls of rope light.


3/8" rope light...


120v incandenct   24" cut

120v led                36"

12v led                     3"


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