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LOR 50w flood


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I'm going to add three or four of these this year. But I'm trying to add the device in the chan config and when I select add new device below I don't see an option for the cf50d. So would I just add 5 channels of rgb or how do I go about adding this device

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Yah I was reading through it online. Basically says add as 5 regular channels and covert three to rgb? Am I reading that correctly

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Add either three regular channels and convert them to an RGB channel or add one RGB channel... it really doesn't matter which way you do it as you get to the same result.  Use the controller ID # you set in the Hardware utility and assign the channels to channel numbers 1,2,3.  If you don't think you will be using the strobe feature then you don't even have to add the channels 4 and 5. 


Once added, just sequence it like you would any RGB channel.

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