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I am trying to use a couple pics of my house, and when I try to bring them up I get a message Selected Image Too Large, do you still want to use the image. If I open the tutorial option in the visualizer, I get a pic of a town house that fits perfectly. How do I edit my images to fit like that? Or can I?

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You can use a third party image editing program.  One that I personally like, which is free, is called Paint.Net.  If you choose to use Paint.Net, here's how you would do it:


(1) Use Windows Explorer to make a backup copy of the image file that you want, so that you'll still have the original instead of overwriting it.


(2) Install Paint.Net.


(3) Run Paint.Net.


(4) Go to its "File" menu, then "Open", and open the image file that you want to modify.


(5) After Paint.Net opens up the image file, go to its "Image" menu, then "Resize".  That will open up a dialog with a bunch of options.  I'd set "Resampling" to "Best Quality", and in the rest of the dialog you can choose the size of the resulting image (if you choose "By absolute size" as opposed to "By percentage", make sure to put a checkmark in the box "Maintain aspect ratio").  After you've set the options the way you want, click "OK".


(6) "File", then "Save".


If you choose to use some program other than Paint.Net, the exact steps might be a bit different, but it's probably the same basic idea.  Another popular free image editing program is Gimp, and I'm sure there are many other choices.

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