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What material do you use for your wireframes without welding?


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i would like know if there are some idea (trick) about building wireframe without welding.

And what material can i use? I would like use a material that not is too hard that I can shape it with pliers and with hands


Is it possible :rolleyes: ?



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This is popular in DIY singing face frames.

Make a frame out of PVC pipe.  Cover it with some "grid" type fence material. I used vinyl coated 2"x4" opening, fencing.  Lay out your light patten on the fance material and zip tie the light to the fencing.

If you do a forum search on "face frame", you probably find some build threads.

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I use Aluminum bar stock.  But with aluminum you need a Milling Machine or Drill Press...  Always a trade off. These are just two of the frames I have made, but there are several more that are more complex that have not been released yet:  http://www.seasonalentertainmentllc.com/store/en/65-framed-elements

What I used was 1/4 x 1/2 inch aluminum which can be shaped by hand, but is not easy.  You'll need bending tools instead of just pliers. 



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Had an idea!  Use this: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Everbilt-1-4-OD-in-x-10-ft-Copper-Soft-Type-Refrigeration-Coil-D-04010PS/100344517


It has an outside diameter of 1/4" which means you could use 1/4" Christmas light clips on it. 


Hand formable, resistant to the weather.  Not cheap, but may be what you are looking for.

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I found the iron, i don t know the translation, "iron cooked" 5mm. It' s  very good. you can fold with your hands and is very durable

For connect this i ll use rivets or other small wire


Then for other figures i tried with plywood 4mm (painting impregnating) and the result it's very good. I tried the correx plastic (2.5mm) but it's very weak

The corrugated plastic 10mm it's very expensive

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I made a rotating star for last year (3 stars strapped together) I used eighth inch rod, it was actually a length of fence wire from an old fence. This worked well as I could use the plastic clips to get the lights straight on the rod. To make the star I drew it out on paper then placed it on a sheet of wood and banged nails in at each point where I would bend it. I could then bend the rod around the nails to make three identical size and shape stars. As the wire was quite tense I could zip tie the two ends of the rod together. It worked well. I have also used steel wire coat hangers to make a set of mini trees.

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I used sections of Aluminium Frame that is actually made for window screen frames.


Cut to length the when put together I just used a small threaded screw and nut. Can be made in different sizes set inside each other or over for bigger star and more channels.


I zip tied lights along the inside of the frame and outside of the frame using two different colors and 2 channels..


can also make larger etc. and make it like a star burst by using more channels.


The framework was fairly light and easy to work with and I just just longer piece to connect the starts together going from the smallest which is about 2 ft out to the largest which is about 4 ft across. 


 It basically is two sided and can be seen from the front or the Back because it isn't set as 3 d but you can use the same thought and make it 3D by just rotating the stars around as you assemble them and use short pieces to connect them.


For my min trees.... I got 3 ft tall tomato cages at Lowes last fall for  50 cents each.... I got 8 of them. 


For faces I am making my own this year... my first face year using 48" X 96" Coro plastic from Home depot. !0 Full size sheets $110.00 and ship to store is free..


Planning on 2 x 4 around the back as frame and probably 2 X 2 around the front so I can support them well and also when in storage the 2 X 2 will keep the lights from getting mashed. as I can drill small hole threw them and connect with screws and nuts and also add hangers on the frame to hang up for display or storage.

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