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3 axis servo hardware


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Does anyone know where I could get the acrylic plate and hardware to make a 3 axis setup?  I have searched and found only older stuff.




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Triaxial skull labs used to have this. Their store is "temporarily" closed for a few months now.

Monster guts has a page for triaxial skulls with "coming soon" listed.

Servo city has some plates and mounts but it isn't as clean looking or cost effective as the kit. You could get it to work I guess.

I am eyeballing monster guts to see what they come up with.

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I have heard of people taping paper to plexiglass or Lexan (1/4" thick) opening the top of the skull placing the plexiglass on top Paper facing up) and tracing the skull.  Ialso have a template for the skull plate showing the cut out rectangles for the servos.


Email me if you would like.  Also, the haunt forum has an excellent thread on building 3 axis skulls.The person who prepared the documents had the main rod in the skull professionally machined, I am working on using over the counter parts from http://www.mcmaster.com


email: LKFuchs0935@yahoo.com

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