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Greetings All,


Hope all of you had a great season and have been able to get everything packed away! Here in Atlanta, The rain has been giving me fits, but I'm almost finished.


Does anyone know how I can come up with a string of only 3 cool white LED M5's or M6's? I would need 5 strings.


Yeah Yeah, "buy a string of 10 and cap 7!"... thought of that.


I have an odd project (wife's idea) that would require just 3.


Any help would be appreciated,

Get busy sequencing!



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maybe just try using three night lights.. or the lights that people use for the little house decorations that many sit on tables etc.  most are C7 lights if they will work..


or c 7 lights from home depot pick your watt watt and a socket for them and make your own strand with them as they are 110 volts each..

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