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My First Christmas Display. 2014

Old Sarge

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My first christmas display. It is broken down into songs as I had a couple different shows. Also has My First Halloween videos on the same y tube link.


Please do get to picky on them. It was my first year working on sequencing... I Am A NEWBIE...lol


Also, just because it Christmas... It doesnt all have to be Christmas music... IE.. My Tribute to the Military..




all these and other sequences I did are all for free download thanks to


http://www.northjerseylights.com/     share.northjerseylights.com/for_chuck/

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HI Old Sarge,


I'm going to take a risk here, and I hope I do not offend you as this is merely just my opinion. I am only in my 2nd year of this hobby, and the graduation to a larger Channel count (1600) and full color has really allowed me to build feelings in people.  I live in a country development and I had 10 cars Christmas eve outside. For those that live in the city, that's bupkiss. numerous people commented on the light show.. Even the 1 next door neighbor who thought I was ready for the Room at the Funny Farm Enjoyed the display. I also had a 1.5 hr show that repeated. So not much chance of the same song repeating...unless one sat there for 2 hours. which 1 couple did. :D


From what I understand of the Lightorama stuff, and someone here please correct me if I am wrong, the lights need to "dance" to the music.

Lights and music together are good. But they are best when they are combined together to create a feeling. If you go to a Place with a dance floor, the lights always move to the music and flash to a beat. I will say that all of the sequencing I did last year almost killed me. (40 songs including intermission #'s) Everything was done by hand, and nothing was used from another sequence- Especially Polar Express and my Frozen Trilogy.


You do have a Fantastic Light Display... Now make it Dance to music and the world will comment "Oh My God, Its so synchronized to the music!"


I hope I have not offended you, as the newbies are what become old timers as we further our journeys down the Blinky Flashy Addiction. :)





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