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RGB Node brightness angles


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Wondering if I could steal a few opinions from some of you on the brightness of RGB products.  Looking to build a not so mega pixel tree next year.  Due to my pie shaped lot I don't have much room to build a monster.  Will probably only be 8 feet tall, 12 - 16 strings. (maybe 10 feet tall if I can find the room)  I have experience with RGB smart strips on the house, very fun, very bright.....very bright! I had originally thought to use them for the tree but after watching some videos I do like the classic look of individual pixels.


Are standard type 12V RGB nodes just as bright when looked at from the side vs looking at top of them (or crown) ? (Thinking in terms of horizontal mouting (top visible) or vertical mounting (side visible)? 

If there is a difference I may consider the square nodes vs that standard bullet type.....or still may do strips.....ughhh decisions.


Regardless of type I will be doing the PVC pipe method for mounting.  My biggest fear on strips is brightness and resolution if I ever got that complex of image displayed.




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I am using 2811 square pixels (photos on website listed in signature) for my pixel tree.  The viewing angle is fairly wide, but the most light comes off the dome, so I would recommend the horizontal mounting as I did.

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