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SuperStar price reduction


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I just received an e-mail from LOR...


Prices for SuperStar software are being lowered!                       

The SuperStar softwares pricing is based on the number of channels a particular license level supports. We are adding a new level, 60-CCR that will handle 9000 channels. However we want to make the price for the 60-CCR version the same as the existing 40-CCR license. To accomplish this we will be lowering the prices on all existing SuperStar license levels.

Existing SuperStar owners get a special bonus! If you are an existing SuperStar license owner, you will receive a bonus license upgrade as part of this price reduction.  Every existing SuperStar owner will receive a free upgrade to the next license level. So if you had a 2-CCR license you now have a 4-CCR license. If you had a 40-CCR license you now have a 60-CCR license. All you need to do is re-register your software with your existing license key and you will get the upgrade. 


Yes - it does work... just got the free upgrade from 4 to 8 CCRs!

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So if I had 4, now I'll have 8?


"SuperStar Feature Level: 4_CCR"

Need to reregister your license key, then it will be updated

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