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Two Seperate CCR Objects in the same Sequence


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I am working on a project now that will have 4 CCR ribbons that represent an object and I have another 4 CCR ribbons that represent another object. 


How to I separate them in SuperStar? It appears that I have 8 CCRs in my sequence and especially in MORPH mode, the software is using all 8 ribbons. When I want to keep them isolated. 


Is there a way to set that up in the software?

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There is not a way to isolate them. I have the following observations/suggestions/options.


1) Morphs usually can be isolated to whatever region you want. Smooth effects, Image Actions, and Text Actions are the ones that you often want to clip to the matrix you are working on.


2) You can sequence them separately and combine them after export


3) Create a visualization of your two objects. Create one or more "dummy" CCRs in between them. This way, when you import the visualization, there will be some unused blank sequencing rows between the two objects and it will help prevent "bleed over" of effects from one to the other.

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