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Color Fade on Rev 3.12


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Anyone else having problems with the Color Fade tool in Rev 3.12?


After I have used it to properly fill in some cells, but then change the colors (like from blue to green) and then try to use the new color (green) in an adjacent cell,  it doesn't use the new color (green) but fills in the old color (blue) as a fade to the end of the sequence, even though the same color is chosen as the beginning and ending color.


I have tried clicking on other buttons (on, off, select, etc) and then back to the Color Fade in hoping it would reset itself, but to no avail.


EDIT:  I see it only does this if I choose one cell...if I try it over two or more cells it works ok.  Is this a possible bug?

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I have observed the same behavior. My time base is .05 so I really don't need to change colors that fast.

It could be a feature!

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The Color Fade tool is a little tricky, because we tried to make it a little "smart", so that you can easily do several different things with it.  Most of the other tools are just "click the cell", but the Color Fade tool behaves differently depending upon exactly what you do:


(1) Click and drag from left to right: Color fade like you have selected in the options dialog


(2) Click and drag from right to left: Color fade backwards from what you have selected in the options dialog (for example, if in the options you have a pink-to-green fade, clicking and dragging right-to-left will make a green-to-pink fade)


(3) Just click, no drag: Does nothing at all, unless you do it in an empty region.  If you do it in an empty region, it does a fill.  That is, it does a color fade from whatever color precedes the empty region to whatever color follows the empty region.  If nothing precedes the empty region, and/or nothing follows it, the "preceding color" and/or "following color" is assumed to be black.

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