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Visualizer: Odd colors and shimmer way off


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After getting all the pieces and parts hooked up and running I was excited to visualize my first sequencing attempts...thinking I'd see a somewhat accurate display of my show against an image of my house. But....while it shows the correct patterns, the colors seem way off - like white is pink, the blue is so dark it barely shows, etc. And any place I have used the shimmer effect the whole matrix just flickers off and on in unison. And even with the background intensity turned down very low, if the image of the house is present you can barely make out the lighting,


Does this sound at all normal? Is the visualizer more rudimentary than I expected?


By the way - it looks like the pink to white transformation may take place during the export from SuperStar to the regular Sequencer as I see pink squares scroll past instead of white.


Did I miss a setting somewhere?



I am running the latest version of the software on an HP laptop with Windows 7.


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Go to the superstar portion of this forum. Right at top, in the sticky links you will find out the whys for the color change.

The reason is that if you were to look at rgb lights sequenced without superstar you would see that certain color do not look correct. White is one of those. So superstar has corrected that. So even though in sequencer and on visualizer it looks pink it will look white on the actual rgb element.

You can disable this. Go to the sticky to learn how.

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Shimmers are yucky in the Visualizer.  We know :(

Yes, and we've known that from day one of the Visualizer. How long has that been already?

What we DON'T know is whether there's any plans to correct this and make it at least as accurate as the venerable old animation?

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