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Starting Hardware Profile Changes


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Ok, still a newbie here even though I just completed my 3rd year show. I'm going to alter the hardware file again and I would prefer to not chance things disappearing, moving and etc...as has happened in the past with hardware changes. Yes, I know about adding devices to the end of the list to help prevent this from happening.


So, is it possible to create a totally new hardware profile, save it of course then a simple way of importing old channel/sequnce data information into the new profile without messing everything up? I saw the one program from "ItsMeBobO", his "ImportOmation" but trying it here on a windows 8.1 machine, it doesn't like it at all. I've not tried it from the show computer. Anyone else see any automation program that will import by channel number into a new sequence?

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ItsmebobO also has vegomatic. It has the ability to merge an existing Lor config file with new channels. I used it a couple of years ago when I added my pixeltree. Saved me a ton of time.

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