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Move Image beyond 12th CCR


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I am working with an image, I successfully get it to appear and move,


In my display I have 2 12-CCR Vertcal Matrix Panels,

In Morphs etc, I address the X,Y to display thomg and move them from one panel to  the other...

but, my image seems stuck on only the first set of 12 CCrs,


Am I missing something? if 0,0 is top left panel 1, shouldn't 12,0 be top left panel 2?

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Currently superstar is written to support one matrix and the rest of the lights are not considered part of the matrix. This was designed for the case where you have a visualization of a matrix and  a bunch of other lights. Images and text get clipped to the matrix so that they don't "bleed" onto the other lights.


Unfortunately if means that in cases like yours the code sees the first matrix and clips everything to that matrix and the code figures the 2nd matrix is your other lights.


What is needed is a way to define the beginning and end of multiple matrix's but currently you can't do that.


Right now the only thing you can do is to add the keywords "superstar nomatrix" to the comment line of the prop that holds each matrix. This will make the code not see each panel as a matrix and you should be able to put images and text on both panels. But the problem you will have is that it won't clip to each panel, and images and text will "bleed" onto the other panel.


The other option is to sequence each matrix separately which of course is a pain as well.

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Thanks Brian

Maybe I misunderstand.....but my morphs bleed onto the leaping arches ... so how is that different from what you describe here?



or if my image only move up and down it should be OK???

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If you are moving an image or moving text it is common to move the image across the matrix. When you do that, it starts off of the matrix and ends off of the matrix. You would want the moving text or moving image to clip to the matrix. And it typically does not make sense to put an image or text on a region that is not a matrix.


But in conclusion, you should be able to add "superstar nomatrix" to the comment line of the props containing each matrix and then you should be able to put images and text on both of the matrix's

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Hi guys, I'm new to all this. I'm adding a 12 CCr tree and 10 CCr arches also about 14 CCr house and window and door outlines. My question is I asked lor about the software and they said I need the s3 but I was looking and the superstar is for CCrs and goes up to 40 ccr! But 400$ is expensive!! Suggestions guys?

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Hey Chris, you probably didn't mean to post this as a reply to my original question....but let me say that if you want to control that much CCR lighting you are just going to have to bite the bullet and get the required software.


I am also new to this and have found the SuperStar software easy to learn and use....it was a great investment ( I, too, needed the 40CCR package).


I am busy sequencing songs and really excited by all of the amazing things I've been able to easily accomplish with this software. Worth every penny I spent on it!!!


Good luck!!!

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