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RGB Strips from DIYledExpress


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Have been sample buying some 5050 RGB dump 30led/m strips.

Really like the ip68...silicon tube with injecteion from Ray Wu.

DIYledexpress has a similar spec'ed strip on their pre-sale, which would make the price between Ray WU and DIYledExpress very similar.

Would prefer U.S. dealer in case of DOA/defects but didn't have opportunity to buy a strip DIYledexpress and
don't see much forum chatter  about their strips.

Ray's silicon tube is fairly heavy and was hoping that DIYledexpress's would be similar...any experience with
their ip68 strips?

On the one strip I bought from Ray, it  did have a solder connection issue, the second time I wired power to it.  But since I was playing aournd with cutitng and soldering strips...non issue, but do need to get 13 strips in an order.


Holidaycoro donesn't have a similar strip on their website and hasn't confirm that they will again have it.



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