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Visually impaired sequencer (first year)


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Hi all,

This is my first year with Light O Rama and sequencing a show. I started in early November so only got 2 songs done. The Links are posted below.

This has been a fun and challenging new hobby as I am almost completely blind. I use a special software program that reads information on the computer screen out loud. This was quite a challenge with the LOR sequencer as it is so visual.

I'd love any feedback or thoughts on how my show could be better for next year. I'd also be curious if LOR's software developers watch this board or are generally responsive to feedback. I'd love to work with them to find ways I can better use the software.

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Great job. Much of LOR is visual, as you said (considering one of the several apps is called a "Visualizer"), so watching your videos is inspiring. You don't let any obstacle overcome you or your winter/holiday spirit and that is special - not many are as willing as you and I love it. You've done great work. I'd love to find a way to get LOR to adapt their program to the visually impaired.

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