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My first year LOR display


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I've wanted to animate my Christmas lights for some time now (years) and I finally got up the balls (and resources) to do it this year.  After months of research, sequencing, building and 2 weekends of set up, my show finally came to life the Saturday after Thanksgiving. 






Thanks to everyone on the forum for all the answered questions, helpful hints and encouraging words throughout the past year.


Thanks to DGrant, James Morris, 75redman and NSnider for helping with donated sequences. 


Any comments or critiques appreciated (I had posted this in the newbies section but probably should have posted it here instead). 


(more videos to come in the future)

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Thanks Jason.  I'll have to trek up to Sheboygan to check yours out next year.  


I just got another one up and posted today... its a dubstep version of 'Carol of the Bells'.


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