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Ok here we go, something I have been meaning to do for months,

First the background:

I am a High School Senior At Casa Grande High School in Petaluma CA. During the senior year Seniors must write a Report and complete a project which yields a physical result. It’s been tradition at my school for over 20 years now, yes it is a rather large project that most people dread. I was dreading my project since I was a freshman, I also has no idea what I was going to do. As the time came to pick a topic for the senior paper, all I had on my mind was in fact my Christmas display, Then It came to me, why not incorporate my Christmas LOR display as part of my school project. Something I can enjoy. Now you’re probably asking yourself, how can a light show be a school project?

The actual Projects can range from Restoring an old car, to Learning how to belly dance. Other past projects include Plays and School beautification projects. One student learned how to weld, and created a new bench for the school. My school this year decided to divide all of our classes into small learning communities or clusters, to enable teachers to focus assignments to a certain field or interest. The Cluster I picked was the Technical and Industrial Cluster (TIA) {don’t ask me what the “A” stands for in TIA, because me nor any of my teachers actually know} So an added requirement to our project is that it must be related to technology or industrial type projects. Projects in my particular class range from building a computer to restoring a old car, and so on. I wanted to get out of the usual project and topic and be original. A more detailed description can be found here, this is the actual assignment to the students.

Along with the project comes the report, the report is usually more academically related, like vehicle gas efficiency, the cultural effects of dance, and on and on. The research paper must be related to the project. The research papers are usually 6-12 pages long. My research paper is on the effects of wireless and computer over usage, Since LOR shows are one thing more to add to the long list of things that are ran by computers in this world, and also the fm transmitter one more wireless thing. (A rough draft version of my paper can be found here) really what I am here for has nothing to do with my research paper, but I thought I would let you all know if that part of the project also.

So why am I posting this here:

One more major part of the project is to have an adult advisor to help you along the process, answering any questions the student may have. The advisor near the end of the project must sign the student hour log, verifying that the student has actually put in the required 20 hours or more, and demonstrated a learning curve, proving the student actually learned something and didn’t pick a project he or she has already done in the past. (Which I already have J) I originally wanted to interview Dan. I have not asked him yet, but I can see he is way to busy to be bothered by a student with a school project. He is off working hard on LOR2. I will probably still be formally asking Dan to be my advisor, but I’m posting this hear to let you all know what I’m doing, and wanting to know if any of you are wanting to be my advisor.

Now one problem is that most advisor is a person who the student can work with in person or over the phone, when I have been here and at planet Christmas all of the last year and a half asking many questions. You have all in truth been my advisors, without really knowing it. I have asked my teacher and he said it is ok that my advisor is not someone that I directly know. Though I have had a few people PM me who live near my area.

One more thing the advisor does is conduct an interview with the student. This is a simple ten question interview which is not due until the end of January. We are working on our interview questions in class in the next few days, so I do not have my actual interview yet. No immediate advisor time is necessary, the majority of the things to be done are months away, this is a year long project. The total time the advisor would probably be putting into this whole ordeal is about 3-5 hours over the coarse of the next 5 months.

Advisor detailed information: http://i133.photobucket.com/albums/q51/doubleatheman/scan0002.jpg

My blog I have been working on for this project: http://www.coollights.blogspot.com

So if you have anything to add suggestions, comments, or you actually would like to by my advisor, I'm all ears.

Thanks very much for your time.

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Did you have any luck finding an advisor?

I'll assume the project is over now.

Sorry, I didn't notice this post until now.

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I am in fact still looking for an advisor, I had talked to my teacher, we were going to work out some sort of alturnative on Monday. I would be very happy if you could be my advisor. I'm on my cell phone right now, I will write more when I get home.

Thank you

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