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OK...here's what I plan to set up:

1 - 12-CCR Tree (again the house)

7 - 1-CCR Arches (in a row from left to right in the middle of the yard)


Eventually - but not in this set of sequences and visualizations, I hope to add a set of 8 - 1-CCR each Spiral Trees (in a row from left to right across the front of the yard. That set of trees is the least of my troubles right now!


I have played with the Super Star Sequencer and successfully made it do what I expect with the built in display on that screen.


I have created a Visualization with an image of my house and the required CCRs displayed on it.


The tree on the visualiztion is assigned to Units 01 through 0C.

The Arches are assigned Units 0D through 13.


In the Super Star Sequence configuration I have set the starting Unit ID to 0D as I have not yet addressed the tree at all; only the arches.

In that same configuration I have listed the Unit IDs for the arches as 0D through 13.


If I play my sequence without attempting to load or connect it to the visualizer, the right colors and patterns appear...BUT....on the tree not the arches.


If I attempt to load and connect the visualizer to the sequence I see my tree and arches appear in the black space at the bottom of the screen but nothing lights up when it plays.


I have read the documentation (I thought quite thoroughly). :blink:


I have played with the tutorial files (with not much success). :wacko:


I did note a comment somewhere about having to have the thing set to show the visualization and I found that check box and it is clicked on - they said there that it was one of the most common errors made.


So now - on to my question:

What in the world am I missing. I am so frustrated as I usually don't run into problems with new software packages. I've been working with computers since the mid-80's...and don't think I'm stupid when it comes to this sort of thing.....but darn it - this thing has me convinced my brain has ceased to function!!!!!!!!!  :D


Any suggestions or helpful tips and hints are greatly appreciated!


Hopefully some day I'll be as proficient as many of you are and be able to answer this sort of question when others coming after me post for help....as payback for my needing assistance now.


Thanks in advance for your time and efforts on my behalf!!! :)

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Sounds like it will be an awesome display. Are you bighting off more than you can swallow though? Take things slowly. Our shows have got to this stage over time by way of building up to it. Also I didn't have as much money to spend in one go lol. Start with the basics and learn and grow from there. Your on the right track in watching the video tutorials and trying to copy them. You can also buy a sequence from the store or search out for free shared sequences. You can learn a lot from how others sequence.

Watching this may help also. It's all a steep learning curve at first that doesn't seem to get much easier as your show evolves. Have fun with your new hobby. You will get lots of joy from seeing your lights working as you had planned and everyone that comes by will be amazed even if you se imperfections.


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It sounds like there's a controller ID or channel issue there somewhere. In the visualizer, try clicking on the first channel(s) for each of the props and see if they match the SE's hardware designations. Then in the SE, check the Network preferences and insure they are configured correctly for those ID numbers. Don't worry about so much, so fast. When I started, I jumped in with both feet as such with 96 AC channels. It came out nice! Lots of work that first year but as stated already, you build upon what you've created previously. All you've done is set the bar real high for your first year but that's fine...go for it!

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