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Wrapped Tree feature crashes


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Been playing with the Wrapped Tree feature in SS today to get an early start on 2015.


Tried 2x.  On my first try SS crashed while creating the visualization.  Second try crashed when I tried to create a morph across the tree and play it.  that's as far as I have gotten.


Has anyone else had any troubles with this?





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Hi Brian,


I was just playing with the tool to get used to it.  I used the default settings:

Units:  Inches

No of Trees:  1

Blank Grid lines:  2

Tree Diameter top:  0

Circum:  0

Bottom:  53

Circ.  166.5

Pixel spacing:  6

Nbr of pixels:  800

Pixel Size:  6


When hitting the "Create Wrapping Guide" I get the message: 

Calculated number of wraps=  58.  Max number of wraps is 50

Reducing number of pixels from 800 to 650 to get number of wraps below maximum.


One note - I have SS visualization setup  as horizontal with 300 pixels across.  So the tree only shows on the left hand side of the grid.  Let me know if you need a screen shot.



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I tried the settings you indicated using v3.12.0 and it successfully created the visualization. Are you saying that the program crashes on you after clicking on "Create Wrapping Guide and Visualization" ?

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I am not able to reproduce the crash. Give me a call at 972-467-0327 and I can connect to your computer and see exactly what is happening.

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