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O Come All Ye Faithful-O Holy Night

Jeff Messer

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looks great, what do you use to control the pixels on your house? I want to put pixels on my house for next year but Im having a hard time planning it out because the pixels can only be so far from the controller.

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Steelers, I use j1sys and Sandevice on the house only because three of the wall washer were not true RGB but BRG. It not hard to plan it out and don't try to use every little channel. I have plenty of waste but makes my life a lot easier.



Brian,  Thanks Buddy. It takes a couple of us three weeks to get it installed and working. This year I am adding a full matrix across the roof if LOR can run it. The matric will be 27 uni's and it will be 81 sticks at 16 feet long and 4050 pixels. Fingers crossed...

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