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Cutting LED Strings


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I have some 10m strings and I want to make a fan from the edge of my house to the edge of the garden.


Can I cut the 24v DC LED Strings?


Would I need to make up for the missing resistance with resistors like with incandescents?


Which wires would need to be joined at the end or would I not need to do that? (They have two series/groups)


Thank you.

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Well I would think were the two series groups join (3 wire to two wires to 3 wires again). You can cut it at the section of 2 wires. Now as you know, most Red, Yellow, or Orange LED operate at about 2.2 to 2.4 volts. While Blue, Green, or white require about 3.6 volts each. Most common current draw is 20mA. So adding up the voltage drops for the color and number of LEDs removed. then divide  that voltage by .02A and you get the resistance value for pure D.C. circuits. Multiply the voltage and current to  get the wattage rating of the resistor.


In a few days I am going to upgrade a red plastic ribbon for a door wreath. Currently uses 20 icans with custom wiring for the ribbon. I bought a 50 LED string from Wally world with LED that have lens on them that makes them look like ican minis. I can either go half wave or put in a bridge rectifier and have full wave. BUT this is what I call dirty D.C. Meaning it will still have A.C. peaks. A meter will only read a voltage that is called RMS or about 70.7% of the peak voltage. Working with LEDs and converting them to work on a dirty D.C. circuit. I know that you have to take this into account or the LEDs will burn out shortly. Not right away but not to long down the road. Sure they will be brighter for a time. I use LED for two reasons. 1) less current draw. 2) lower maintenance aka not replacing burnt out bulbs like with Ican.

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