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DMX Keywords for CCR props

Ron Boyd

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I sent an email with this exact info but I included the files with the email. If you wouldn't mind taking a peek.


I recreated a visualizer file with several like elements. All work correctly except the 2 smaller bursts.


The furthest left burst, # 2 arm is reversed and on the right smaller burst it is arm # 6. 


I am including a sup file, Row and real vis files for 2014 and 2015.

In the 2014, there is one element I did not use for this year and the circles are in DMX, single bulbs. The 2015 vis, I used CCRs for the circles and DMX keywords. Other than the way they are arranged, that is the only difference.


Would you mind taking a peek at the files and see if I am missing something or I did something wrong and can't find it? 


Much appreciated.

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Thanks Brian. I knew it would be something simple.


For those reading this, I created my visualizer pair. There are several bursts and Superstar reads from left to right. Half of the arms are correct and half show in opposite directions. However, using keywords that Brian put in last year, sometimes you can tell SS how to arrange them.


My problem was, I rotated 1 arm on 2 of the bursts opposite of what they were supposed to be. This was in the row visualization. The real Viz was correct. Once I rotated the arms 180° for the offending arms, everything worked as it should.

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