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Ferris Wheel Plans


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Now that our 2014 Show (or for you sticklers-Display) is about to come to an end I have been tasked by the better half to make a Ferris wheel for our 2015 display, I prefer PVC and have looked on YouTube and searched Google but I don't really see any detailed plans to build one,


Anyone have some plans they are willing to share or sell?


Thanks in advance, Happy new year!

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I made one  of the winfield ferris wheels  ,plans were detailed ,looks great, & people loved it. Took some time to make and paint it but i think it was worth it. 

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I also made one of the Winfield ferris wheels.  It uses wooden gears and you need to be a good woodworker (which I am not) to get the gears cut out correctly.  I ended up using a belt and pulley system.  It is a good set of plans and is a popular item in my display.   

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