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Wisconsin area? Starting show for 2015


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I know there are a lot of shows of all sizes and variances around our area but am wondering if anyone is on here who would love to give my husband and I a little guidance!  We would love to start our own show next year.


We are in the Appleton, WI area on the river and would love some input on systems, controllers, RGB, Combo of other lights with RGB :)  If you are, I know we would really appreciate grabbing a cup of coffee and chatting sometime (on us!)


Thanks much!!

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Check out Lenny Ruel's display in Appleton. He is a member of this forum.   I suspect if you chat him up he would be willing to share some information.  


Here is a link to his Facebook page.


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I believe there is one in Hilbert (but I think that's east of Lake Winnebago).  There are a few here in the Milwaukee area if you're even in the neighborhood.

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