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2014 Christmas Display - Ladera Ranch, CA

Jay Czerwinski

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I know my display is modest compared to many and I wish I had a crew to help me, but I decided to post this because I am rather proud of my display this year.  Mainly, our neighborhood of 7200 homes has competitions between homes and neighborhoods that is super intense and I won first place in the category of "Most Creative Use of Lights!"  I enter in the contest not expecting to win, but simply to be put on the map for people to drive around and look at the displays.  I was rather surprised and honored to be recognized for the work as you all know we put in to this hobby year round!


What I am most proud of this year are my 4' gift boxes with CCFloods inside.  Without the ribbons, the display looked so contemporary!


Anyway, thank you to everyone here for all of your posts, questions, answers, and enthusiasm!  You kept me going when fatigue sometimes started to set in!


I look forward to my 1 and 2.5 year old growing up to be able to help me, which will also allow momma to help me, and will make so much more time not having to work through the toddler phase in life!


Merry Christmas everyone and have a Happy New Year!!!




12 CCR Tree, 3 CCR Arches, 2 CCR roof lines, 6 CCFloods, 4 RGB Channel Star, 12 Spiral Trees, 4 Wreaths of lightrope and LED lights, lightrope FM frequency sign, and 20 Strobes on 3 strands.

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looked great.  

what are the presents made out of.  looked really good with the color changes.

I have big open space and try to fit in some more props and I think those would look good without blocking the house.


it was a nice balance with all you had


good job

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Also wondering what you did for the presents.  I want to add presents under my pixel tree next year and looking for ideas.

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Thanks for the kind words. The presents are spandex material over a PVC pipe frame like a fitted sheet over a mattress.

During the rain there were two surprises - the good one was that the mud that splashed up on the white cubes just rinsed right off with a garden hose!! The bad news is that they were waterproof and held gallons of water in the tops - the stitches and the pipe frames were really pushed to the limits!!! During a light rain, water sheds off - but the heavy stuff just filled them up!!!

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