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Just purchased my first 16 channel starter kit after wanting one for years(wife is not as big on Christmas lights as me).  I've been using a 6 outlet device with pre-programmed music for the last 5 or so years and although the neighbors seemed to appreciate it, I was never quite satisfied.  Hopefully LOR will help change that.


I understand the whole idea of sequencing and turning lights on and off and also that the LOR box will help me do some other effects and being able to network any future boxes, but what I'm not sure of is how to do RGB.  I've read through the forum topics on this, but I'm not very knowledgeable with electrical work and how to use the CMB24 board.  Wondering if there is anyone in the Twin Cities area that either already has an LOR group or is interested in starting one.

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I'm pretty much in the exact same boat as you are! I have had a 16 channel LOR controller for many years now, but I've never gotten very fancy with it.


I also want to get into LED/RGB/DMX next year. I am comfortable with electrical work, I just re-wired my whole house actually. What I am not comfortable with is welding and custom work, so that has been shying me away from digging into it any deeper.


I'm located in South St. Paul and would also be interested in a TC group. It would be great to get to work with someone who has experience in these areas. I learn best from hands on experience vs. reading forums/tutorials and watching videos.

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I'm in Bloomington and would love a TC group as well.  I think there may be one that meets sometime in the June timeframe as I saw a forum post awhile back about it.

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It's not a Twin Cities group, but rather a MN regional group meeting.  We've been meeting for the past half-dozen years or longer.  It's probably going to be in June, if the past few years have been any guide.  Last year it was at Tim Fishers place in Plymouth.  There's not many people in the group that spends much time here anymore, so you need to join the DIY Christmas forum or even the Facebook LOR users group and you should see it posted there. 


EDIT - I think it might also be posted on PC, but I haven't been there in so long that my membership probably isn't active anymore, so don't quote me on that.

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Would've replied sooner, but my brother's been in the hospital since Saturday morning and just finally regained consciousness this morning.  George, could you please post the urls for DIY Christmas and the FB page.  I searched for Light-O-Rama on FB and saw some groups, but nothing specific to MN.

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Just checking in as a TC LOR'er. 2014 was my first LOR season with 4 singing faces for Halloween/Christmas and a few other tradional string lights that I threw up.  Significant upgrade planed for 2015 with dump RGB strips/modules.

BTW George...really nice displays.  Will have to come take a look next season.


Edit...just did a quick goole search for diychristmas and minnesota and found this thread for the 2012 MN Mini meeting. Could do some more serching and find more current year's thread but it gives you the nature of the meeting.






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