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"Let It Go" for 4 Circles


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I finished a sequence to "Let It Go" for 4 Circles. Thanks to John Skoro for the use of his 4 CCR circles. The youtube video is at:


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excellent... I am starting  my first ccr after i have been using 16 controllers for a few years and doing my first 4 circle. and i am having to learn all over again...I have seen your videos and there are helpful how ever i am tryen to learn by example with that being said How much for a copy :) 

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The 4 circle sequences are available on my web site at www.superstarlights.com

Click on the "Videos" link underneath the word "Sequences", then click on "2-4 CCRs"


The 4 sequences I have for 4 circles are:

"Let it Go"

"Christmas Eve Sarajevo (Carol of the Bells)"

"Wizards in Winter"

"Deck the Halls"


The price is $49.95 each. If you have purchased two or more of the 12 CCR sequences at once you should have a discount code from that, you can use the discount code towards these sequences as well.

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