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Extra light usage?


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I know the season is already half over but I was cleaning up the mess from this years install.  I switched from white led strings outlining the whole house and windows to dumb rgb this year.  I realized I have a lot of lights and controllers left over now and need ideas what to do with them in a short amount of time.


I already have  30' 16 channel rgb mega tree with spirals, arches, 12ccr tree, and house outlined.


What I have left:

8 16' dumb rgb's and controller

1 ctb16 and a bunch of led strings, different lengths, almost all white

so does anyone have any neat design elements that are easy to put together and sequence using the lights I have left?

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You could send them my way.  I'll put them to use. :P


Make some fire sticks. 7 or 9 ch.

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Show a pic of your current display which will help us to help you.

Cant visually see what you currently have in place.

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