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I already have lots of 5050 RGB LED strips that I would like to control. If I connected each color (Red Green and Blue) to different channels of a DC board, and the + to the + of the power supply, could I somehow configure them as RGB lights to make changing color and using the visualizer easier? If they are separate channels, I will have to use some software to pick colors and tell me the brightness levels they need to be at for that color. Also, I can't have them on top of each other in the visualizer. Thanks


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Yes, in visualizer, you specify it as an RGB channel.

Thanks. What is the method of calculating total amperage required to power RGB lights? The internet just says use 6a for 2m up to 15, then I couldn't find what the next step up is.

I will be using 5m strips, not sure how many, but most likely 4, but will be cutting them down. How much power do you think that will need?

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In the Sequence editor, you can configure the channels as RGB types which will go a long ways to help you. But understand that at this moment, you'll have to edit each of the channel colors independantly to achieve most of the dimming or color fades. There is the color fade tool and one of the colors is black so that can help a lot but there's no provisions for intensity changes on RGB channels. I'm thinking LOR will be coming out with something new but even if it appeared today, I doubt any of us would upgrade our software at this time, with our shows running. It would be too risky at this time.

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