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LOR Animation Sequence not Animating


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LOR Basic Plus License running Sequence Editor v. 3.12.0


I am having trouble getting an animation sequence to, well, animate.  The lights just stay on static.  A musical sequence seems to be working fine.


Can anyone help with this?  I have played with the "Control Lights" feature under the Play Menu within the Sequence Editor, but to no avail.


I have also tried a generic sequence (no named channels) and I have also imported my own named channels, also to no avail.


Thanks for any help you can provide. 


So far I have a 64-channel power redirector when it comes to running a non-musical animated show.  :(  Though, I'm sure it's my own ignorance at work here.

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My first thought is that its your license level. Backgrounds aren't going to work in a show for your license. I would think that animation would work though but not together with musical. I also don't know how they are handled in the show player. Ideally, you would run your animation as a "background" sequence and not in the animation tab. Hopefully Don or someone else can better answer this or put in a help ticket and get the correct answer from LOR.

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Thanks for the quick response.   I had these controllers (LOR1602W) a few years now; this is the first year I've been able to hook them all up.  One year, I used one as a Director. 


Christmas comes up on me so fast each year that by the time I get to it, it's a daunting task to set it all up the way I want.  Finally, I've got all four out there and am able to run a decent couple of musical sequences. 


It's the in-between time I'm wanting to deal with. 


I did have to purchase a license upgrade to get to where I am now, yes.  If I need an additional license, I can do that.


Thanks, again.


Merry Christmas!

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If the sequence is in the Background section of your show, then yes, your license level is the cause (or at least a cause).  But the Animation section should work fine with any license level.  What section of the show is the sequence in?

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I think I might have the cause nailed down - my own ignorance.


Last night, i tried creating a 24-channel only sequence to run the megatree and the lighted arches.  It animated.....all 64 channels!!!


Seemingly, I have discovered a conflict between the software creating unit IDs and the dip switches within the units being hard coded to the same IDs as others.  I will check this later tonight.  I was enjoying the 64-channel animation too much last night to interrupt the show.  :)


I do recall using one LOR1602 a few years back as a director which this year was software IDd as #4.  The dip switches, I will bet, are still at 0 and 1.  Which is why plugs on #4 are animating even though the 24-channel sequence is set for Units 1 & 2 only.


Thanks to all who read/helped out.


Merry Christmas!!!



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