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Hi everyone,


I am a relatively new LOR sequencer-I do the programming and my husband does the lighting install. We are in our 3rd year. I started running a fundraiser last year. And our fundraiser is planned for Dec, 20th this year, We usually launch 1st or second week in December. So, far I don't have a complete show. 


My husband ended up in the hospital and is still there. Between running with our 7 year old to all his activities, trying to work and visit the hospital I have had no time to finish. 


I have about 4 songs that I can live with so far...Let it Go, Amazing Grace, Deck the Halls and Peanuts theme song. I have been trying to modify other stuff from last year. But, it is going slow as I am also trying to finish the light install. Overwhelmed is an understatement of how I am feeling. Without the lightshow it is not feeling like Christmas. And we could use a little Christmas cheer right now.


I only have a sixteen channel system. Will buy any music I need to buy. 


My config:

Channel 1 (house multi lights-includes multi colour wreath)

Channel 2 (Roof peak-white)

Channel 3 (House sides- white)

Channel 4-Wreath White

Channel 5-12 (8  mini trees)

Channel 13- large multi Christmas tree

Channel 14-large tree white(same tree)

Channel 15- Window-white

Channel 16- Stars on roof and trees


If anyone has any sequences that they would be willing to share that would be easily modifiable to my measly sixteen channels I would be forever in your debt. 


I am sorry to ask but feeling desperate. One song my son would really like is Lego Movie...Everything is awesome. 


My email is mkchances@hotmail.com.





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