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First year for display


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This is our first year, I'm not real happy with this but my son loves it, and that's all that matters (to me anyway). He's 5 and I let him pick out songs from other videos we found  that he liked. He told me what he wanted the lights to do throughout the sequence and I programmed them as such. Sorry for the video its grainy. Please feel free to comment good or bad. Thanks Jason and Zavin

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I like it.  I don't know about you (and probably more-so), but its tough when you start out with only 16 or 32 channels.  Its hard not to use everything for every song.


Your kid sure has better taste in music than my three. 


You go in watching the the videos from these awesome displays, hoping for that... then 8 months in you realize how much work and effort they've put into it over the years... impossible to do in a single year (sans quitting my job, family, etc.).  

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