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Free Sequences: Frozen, Lego, more more lots lots


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Here are some free sequences. Enjoy! Thanks for participating in the John Storms offline backup program.


I do not provide the music. Do go and buy the songs from amazon for .99. If you need audio that has been edited buy the song then search Google to see if there is a way to go from "Youtube to MP3".  Videos for the following are posted at: http://youtube.com/listentoourlights


Let it Go


Do you Want to Build a Snowman


Wonderful World of Color (will be on youtube soon)


Everything is Awesome


Dominick the Donkey


Wizards of Winter (okay this isn't new)


Firework by Katy Perry


Here Comes Santa Claus


Gummi Bear


Let it Snow by Bing Crosby


Mistletoe and Holly


NVIDIA Conference Call (this is terrible you don't want it)


Get your Shine on


What Child is This


Clark Griswold Intro plus Hallelujah


Shitter was Full (Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer)


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I was NOT going to do Let It Go. And was using lack of time as an excuse... Thanks... there went my excuse. Now to find the time to adapt it.

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thanks so much. i'll probably mess with these off season. you da man. merry christmas and i've heard you're winning the syncro light show contest on the telly : )

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I don't know if I can use any of your sequences but I just wanted to say the you are very generous for sharing your hard work. Thank you for sharing.

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Thanks so much for sharing your hard work. Question if you dont mind. I am very interested in doing "Here Comes Santa Clause". The version of the song that I have is 2:32. Your sequence is 1:30. Were the edits done to the song complicated? The video for this song is not online yet from what I could tell.




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thanks for sharing the sequences.. i don't think i will mess with them this late in the year, but maybe for next year.. my biggest question is what camera do you use to record your video's.. im trying to do it with the i phone but so far it's been a epic fail on the quality side..

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