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Bad pixel or pixels

Darryl Lambert

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I'm using Pixabulbs from diyledexpress & I purchased 20 extention cables & pigtails from ray_wu. As I've discovered the pinout on 1 pigtail was different. The + & data were reversed! Lesson learned. Check EVERY cable to make sure they're correct before powering up!

I've corrected the issue but now those pixels only flicker :-(

So my question is would it be only the first pixel that's toast or is it whole string?

I'm trying to avoid taking it down plus I don't have enough spares to replace them all.

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I would try just the first pixel and I would check your voltage. I had a problem kinda like your problem and my voltage was to high. I had 13 almost 14 volts adjusted to 12 no more problems.

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Well after a few hours of trouble shooting last night. I have figured out that 2 of the outputs on the 6804 are damaged. They sort of work but 60% of the time wrong colors are produced. I've swapped it with one that I was only using 2 outputs so that's corrected.

Then I took the string off the house to test. Strange thing though if it's connected to the end of another string it works but connect it directly to the sandevice & all it does is flicker.

What I did was place a null pixel by the controller & the strings working.

Between trouble shooting, swapping controllers (ones on my upper roof) getting the null pixel in place, reinstalling string I spent 4 + hours!

This is one lesson I won't forget. For the sake of the 30 seconds it takes to check the cable .

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